We occourd a bug recentlly. Users reported that our Line App stoppted responsed. No matter user do anything in Line App( send text message , tap menu in app), users get not responsed.

At the first, we are checking logs on our server. there is nothing in the log. It seems like Line has probelem to talk to our server.

So we check settings in Line Consolse. In the Webhoook settings, when we click the Verify button, It reporting an error meesage: “An error occurred when sending the webhook.”

Hmmm.. The Google search tell me this should be an SSL error on our server. We open Webhook URL in browser. No error, Nothing worong. It seems it’s total OK.

We put our Webhook URL in SSL checker. The checker reporting our server is missing Mid-Cert.

Aha.. Mid cert missing.

But why it is missing, and why nobody notice it is missing.

It’s because we are updated SSL Cert yearstday. and to verify our updated is OK, we simply open our website in browser. The browser is so smart which can automitcaly download the missing mid cert.


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